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Your bike shorts are the most important ingredient for an enjoyable time on the saddle

It speaks for itself that GONSO is a leading supplier of functional bike clothing and the manufacturer of the first-ever pair of bike shorts with synthetic seat padding in Germany. We’ve revolutionised the world of cycling and have been standing for meticulously thought-out cycling gear with a perfect fit since 1980. Our products undergo continuous further development using the latest techniques and innovative materials.

Our specialisation and skills as a bike shorts expert date all the way back to 1979. At the time, suffering from severe arthritis, the only type of exercise company owner Hans Gonser was able to do was cycling.
But because his exercise bike would give him a sore buttocks after just a few moments, he had GONSO’s in-house tailors sew deerskin into his shorts. He soon realised that there was a need for significantly greater comfort exactly where cyclists are most closely connected to their bicycles if a bike ride was to be fun at all!

Bike shorts have since played a central role at GONSO and are subjected to constant further development. And we don’t just content ourselves with the invention of bike shorts with synthetic seat padding in Germany as such, but are passionately working on new and improved solutions for our customers.

Why are bike shorts so important?

In general, the skin around our buttocks and perineum is extremely sensitive and irritable. If the pressure of our body weight rests on the ischial tuberosities for an extended period of time, they will become irritated by the pressure. And if we don’t wear a well-fitting pair of bike shorts with a seat pad to relieve the pressure, the skin at the pressure points will become irritated and we’ll suffer the all too familiar pain.

In men, the increased pressure on the sensitive tissue between the perineum and the genital area often causes a numb sensation in the genitals. The ischial tuberosities are generally able to bear the weight quite well. But if the weight bears on the soft tissue, the blood vessels and nerves (pubic nerve) are compressed, resulting in a sensation of numbness and pain.

To prevent such discomfort, a pair of bike shorts with a perfect fit and a specially designed seat pad is essential for cycling.

SITIVO: 1 pair of bike shorts. 3 variants. A perfect fit.

As Swabian tinkerers, and staying true to GONSO’s tradition, we developed the SITIVO bike shorts concept (SITIVO = SITZT (German for FITS) + INNOVATION). Our aim was to analyse the pressure points during a bike ride and to develop bike shorts which adapt to the individual pressure points of each saddle position.

The result: with their innovative seat pad technology, our SITIVO bike shorts adapt perfectly to each individual pressure point in the buttocks area. The decisive factor for determining whether the blue, green or red seat pad is the best option for you is not the type of bicycle you ride, but your position on the saddle. This is an innovative approach. The all-new seat pads come with various gauges, densities and selectively positioned cushioning inserts made of Poron®. Poron® effectively absorbs impacts directly at the pressure points and provides relief for the sit bones.

Our Seat Pad range

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Our seat pads for all needs

Being the inventors of bike shorts with synthetic seat pads, we’ve always been aware of the importance of the seat padding in bike shorts. At GONSO, we’re convinced that a pain-free buttocks is a prerequisite for an enjoyable ride. That’s why we don’t buy prefabricated off-the-shelf seat pads like other manufacturers do. Instead, we develop them ourselves at our company headquarters in the Swabian town of Köngen and have them specially manufactured for us.

An important factor in the development of our seat pads is the interplay of density, gauge and firmness. These aspects are decisive for comfortable pressure point relief with a feel-good factor for bike tourers or for sporty, responsive shock absorption on the road bike.