Bike shorts Guide

Bike Shorts Guide

Why do I need bike shorts and what should I bear in mind?

Bike shorts are the main point of contact with the bike, meaning they play several important roles in ensuring carefree hours on the saddle. We’ve summarised everything you need to know about bike shorts below to give you a comprehensive insight into the most complex item of cycling gear.

  • Painful rides

    Aching buttocks can pose a serious problem when on the saddle. The human anatomy is simply not made for putting up with selective pressure points like on the saddle, which often leads to uncomfortable pressure sores and numbness.

  • The saddle as a trouble spot

    If the body weight is not evenly distributed across the insensitive areas of the sit bones, trapped nerves can cause complaints.

  • Bike shorts as problem solvers

    Bike shorts with a perfect fit prevent pain when cycling. Specially developed seat pads reduce the strain on the pressure points to make for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Bike Shorts Guide

Bike Touring Shorts

Important features of bike touring shorts

Bike Shorts Guide

Mountain Bike Shorts

Important features of mountain bike shorts

Bike Shorts Guide

Road Bike Shorts

Important features of Road Bike shorts

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Bike Shorts Guide

Wistband or Bib Shorts?

Why are there often cycling shorts models as waistband and bib versions?

As a cycling shorts expert, GONSO offers numerous close-fitting cycling shorts as waistband and bib versions. Classic waistband cycling shorts have no straps. The elastic waistband keeps the pants in place. A tight fit ensures that the pants slip and thus the seat pad remains in position. Choosing the right clothing size plays a crucial role here - cycling shorts must sit tightly on the body. Bib shorts, often called bib shorts, hold the cycling shorts to the body thanks to elastic straps. The strap solution ensures a secure and comfortable hold of the cycling shorts. A great advantage of bib shorts is that there is no pressure on the abdomen.

For whom are BIB shorts suitable?

Regardless of the bike, one's experience or performance level, both waistband and bib bike shorts can be worn. Often, beginners intuitively reach for the waistband shorts. GONSO also recommends less experienced cyclists to try bib shorts, as bib shorts are often perceived as more comfortable. Bib shorts are often also worn under cycling shorts. This increases the seating comfort of wide bike touring or mountain bike shorts. Bib shorts are offered by GONSO for men and women and are each specifically adapted to individual requirements.


Bike Shorts Guide

Men’s vs women’s bike shorts

Why are there different bike shorts for women and men?

One of the biggest physiological differences between men and women is the lower body region, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that women and men have different needs when it comes to the perfect seat pad. Since the sit bones of female cyclists tend to be further apart than those of their male counterparts, their pubic arch is also significantly lower, meaning that different pressure points come into play when sitting on a saddle. For that reason, GONSO develops separate seat pads for men and women, which come in different sizes, depending on the wearer’s clothing size.


General differences: cut and seat pad

Another distinguishing feature of bike shorts for men and women is the cut. To ensure a perfect fit, we start taking into account the different requirements for women and men right from the development stage and hold fittings for each pair of bike shorts both on the model and on the saddle.

A side-by-side comparison of the differences

Using the example of the SITIVO M and SITIVO W:

  • Seat pad specially adapted to the anatomy of women and men
  • Adapted and body-hugging fit for each sex
  • Fitted waist for the women’s version
  • Slimmer thigh and slightly shorter leg with the SITIVO W

SITIVO Bike Shorts Concept

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