the perfect bike shorts for every need

1 pair of bike shorts. 3 variants. perfect fit.

The SITIVO bike shorts concept

Burning buttocks, aching sit bones? Many cyclists struggle with that. GONSO has carefully analysed this widespread problem and developed the SITIVO bike shorts as a response.

The new SITIVO bike shorts are based on a simple idea: creating the perfect bike shorts for every need. It soon became clear that, in addition to the perfect cut and material, the seat pad would have to play a key role. For this reason, we repeatedly subjected our product to extensive testing and further optimised different seat pad properties during several stages of development. To ensure
a more pleasurable ride, different types of padding are needed at the various pressure points resulting from different saddle positions (upright, compact, athletic).

The result of our pressure point analyses and further testing are our SITIVO bike shorts for women and men with their specially developed cuts courtesy of our cut experts. Six newly developed seat pads (3 for men and 3 for women) with different foam densities, different volumes and the selective use of Poron® for shock absorption make all the difference, allowing our SITIVO bike shorts to optimally respond to the individual needs and pressure points of every cyclist.

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