Bike Shorts Guide

Bike Shorts Guide

We’ve summarised everything you need to know about bike shorts below to give you a comprehensive insight into the most complex item of cycling gear.

Why do I need bike shorts and what should I look out for?

That’s one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. Whether you’re only just taking up cycling, giving it another go or have been a passionate cyclist for years: bike shorts are a topic that raises many questions – especially among those who’ve experienced pain or recently bought a new bike. The right pair of bike shorts must have a high-quality seat pad and a perfect fit that is fully adapted to the position on the saddle, individual preferences and the intended purpose. We’re here to help by giving you an overview of our different types of bike shorts and pointing out what to look out for.

Not all bike shorts for mountain biking, bike touring and road cycling are the same

Different saddle positions result in different pressure points. What’s key here is a suitable seat pad that’s adapted to the respective needs. Different types of bike shorts are also characterised by different cuts, materials or features, meaning that every cyclist will find the perfect GONSO cycling shorts for their purpose, whether they’re male or female, a size S or a 6XL. GONSO. PERFECT. FIT.


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