Thermo Bike Tights Men

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Ideally suited for outdoor temperatures from 0°C to +10°C
Colour black

€169.95 incl. VAT

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Thermo Bike Tights Men SQlab GO BIBX M

Article Nr. 3000870

The SQlab GO BIBX M offers an innovative mix of materials for milder days. The thighs stay warm thanks to warming thermal fleece and highly breathable DRY II functional material is used in the lower leg area, creating a unique technical look. The anatomical cut of the SQlab GO BIB M was also replicated in the long tights. The tight SQlab-Pad M (just 6 mm thick) ensures first-class comfort even on long rides.


  • Optimised climate zones thanks to a specific mix of material
  • Outstanding comfort even on long rides thanks to the ergonom
  • Anatomical cut derived from the SQlab GO BIB M
  • Warming thermal fleece around the thighs and breathable DRY
  • Cool, technical look thanks to the mix of materials and cuts

Area of usage

Bike Touring


Road Bike


SQlab-Pad M and W


  • The SQlab-Pad M is a maximum of 6 mm thin and firm
  • The SQlab-Pad W is a maximum of 8 mm thin and firm
  • Adapts to the body shape as the mileage increases and becomes more and more comfortable
  • Reduces shear forces thanks to a thin layer of the medical TPE gel
  • Breathable

Technical data

Density 360
Thickness 6 mm (M) - 8 mm (W)
Material Foam/TPE Gel
Sitting posture aufrecht kompakt sportiv
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